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Badger on the move

February 04 2021 By Anthony Losco - Chairman

The Game

Badgers Rugby was started with the ideology of creating opportunities for the members; now opportunity is such a broad term and can be perceived in many ways. Some may say the opportunity to be seen and make it to the top, and some may just feel it's the opportunity just to play the game. I have always felt that opportunity in the greater context is the ability to create choices from small to large. The ability to make friends and connections for life, the ability to function with different people with their strengths and flaws, the ability to become a well-rounded person in society. Therefore winning is not always the ultimate goal.

Every year players within the youth rugby structures make the cut and are accepted into premium rugby schools, this year one of our players was selected. The opportunity was created, not due to Badgers but due to Rugby and the existence of the youth rugby structures which are in place. Badgers are made up of individuals who get together and support one another and is just a mere extension of the greater organization itself, the game is what makes the difference. No Man is Bigger than the game.

Sport has the effective attribute of bringing individuals, of all shapes and sizes together. Rugby has seen changes in standards and quality of training over the years which are set into place making it a safer and better sport to take part in, its up to us to spread the word that this is the case, to grow the sport, to keep it, to love it.

I got a call from one of the older players the other day, no names mentioned, and he will not be eligible to play for Badgers should COVID destroy the 2021 season. His love and commitment to the game still shine through as he has asked to continue to support the club as a future coach, this is so great to see. Individuals such as this will not only keep the club going into the future but also keep the game of rugby alive.

So let's congratulate Asante in his endeavors at Michael House in KZN, may you do us proud and I'm positive that you will keep in contact with us.

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